Feeling Good About the Coffee You Drink

In 2011, Coda Coffee’s founders, brothers Tim and Tommy Thwaites, introduced the Farm2Cup program so people can feel good about the coffee they drink.  By purchasing Farm2Cup coffee, you know your money is directly improving communities around the world.

Through the program, Coda Coffee invests money and works directly with farmers, who then reinvest in their coffee and community.  Coda Coffee expects Farm2Cup participants to use the funds they receive for research, development, experimentation, best practice sharing and sometimes inner-village or cross-community competitions to improve coffee quality.  The program also requires farmers to give back to their local community.

Farm2Cup can drastically impact the livelihood of the farmer’s family, employees and even an entire village.  Coda Coffee works with farmers around the world, in countries such as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil and Honduras.  Some examples of how the funds have helped farmers and communities include:

  • El Salvador: Coda Coffee held fundraisers for a school in Ayutepecque, which funded a new kitchen, utensils, desks and chairs for the children. Additionally, the community is working on plans for a school library.
  • Guatemala: In Guatemala, Coda purchases high quality micro lots of coffee to encourage overall product improvement.   The community has also held cupping competitions, where the local coffee farmers come together to have their coffee graded.  The premium that Coda Coffee pays for the best coffee has helped build a road to Aachimbal, a school, church, community center and 80 homes with electricity and running water.
  • Las Capucas, Honduras: Cupping competitions in Honduras also helped improve coffee quality, which increased the coffee’s price and allowed one community to build cupping labs, a wet mill and a dry mill.

Coda Coffee does site visits and its trusted importer, Atlas Coffee Importer, assists with annual quality control checks on farms to ensure that farmers are spending time and money on improving their products and communities.

Consumers who purchase Farm2Cup coffee win in the end because they know their dollar counts.  By simply drinking Farm2Cup coffee, the purchase supports farmers, families and communities.  In addition, the coffee exceeds taste expectations because of the high quality standards the program demands.

To find Farm2Cup coffee, look for the Farm2Cup logo.  Farm2Cup products are available where Coda Coffee is sold.  For more information about Farm2Cup and the farmers participating in this program you can visit www.farm2cup.org.

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